Table Lamp Performance Requirements

Table Lamp Performance Requirements

Date:Mar 12, 2019

When writing a desk lamp is in a normal working position, the main optical performance requirements are three points

(1) Shading

When the person is in the normal sitting position, the eye to the horizontal direction, should not see the inner wall of the lampshade and the light source;

(2) Desktop illumination requirements

Table lamp irradiation of the work area should be 250LX-500LX, the minimum illumination should be ≥120LX.

(3) Illumination uniformity requirements Should ensure that the work area irradiated by the table lamp, the illumination is relatively uniform, can not produce a particularly bright or dark spot, only to ensure the basic optical performance requirements of these three points, in order to reduce the fatigue of the eyes, can be called the table writing table lamp.

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