Precautions For Purchasing Led Table Lamp

Precautions For Purchasing Led Table Lamp

Date:Jun 12, 2020

Many people have a general understanding of table lamp, but it may be difficult to purchase. What is the most eye protecting brand of LED table lamp?

Appearance: if the appearance is rough, it's hard to believe how good the product quality will be. Therefore, the first thing to pay attention to when choosing led table lamp is the appearance of the product. Some brands call the gap within the acceptable range, but if the quality is really pursued, even the small gap will feel dissatisfied. Therefore, when purchasing table lamp, you should not buy one at a low price Some poorly made lamps.

When buying led table lamp, we should pay attention to whether it has undergone optical processing. If it is a table lamp with directly exposed chips, it will not only dazzling, but also produce glare, causing certain damage to the eyes.

Can dimming be used? Dimming can be divided into graded dimming, that is, how many levels are fixed. Such a dimming method has no great significance. After all, everyone is still very different in sensitivity to brightness. Therefore, those levels of dimming have no practical use for protecting vision, and can only be regarded as a product value-added gimmick; Choose the stepless dimming (gradual dimming), the brightness of the light is not fixed, you can adjust according to your own needs. Too bright or too dark light will do harm to the eyes, so suitable light is very important.

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