Minimalist Modern Lighting Is Recommended

Minimalist Modern Lighting Is Recommended

Date:May 11, 2020

Quiet so far, indifferent to mingzhi. As social relations become more and more complex, people's inner world is more longing for a simple, ultimate life.

Minimalism was born out of this psychological need. Go home after work, see concise and comfortable household, let a person body and mind get true relaxation and rest.Today, continue to share a group of minimalist lighting works for you.

How can you tell the difference between a good and a bad light fixture?

1. Material

The bulb mouth of general incandescent lamp is white iron easy to rust, the lamp with better quality is commonly used aluminum alloy, just like nine Lin dui, most of our material is used aluminum alloy, good-looking and durable not easy to rust

2. Filament

A bit better lamps, generally are double tungsten wire, and now the most common is LED light source, LED light source durability and overall appearance are the most good choice, nine forest beauty is to do LED light source.

3. Brightness

The brightness of LED light is much higher than that of ordinary tungsten bulb, and the wattage is large enough to save energy without consuming electricity.

4. Price

Do not graph only is cheap when buying lamps and lanterns, because quality and price are become direct proportion for certain, common saying says a cent price a cent goods also have reason.

5. Certification

To see whether the product has 3C certification qualification, and its content for review

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