Light Source Characteristics Of LED Table Lamp

Light Source Characteristics Of LED Table Lamp

Date:Jun 04, 2020


Enjoy modern lighting and avoid the impact of bad lighting on human health. Experts suggest that when it is necessary to use indoor lighting, five principles of lighting should be grasped:

1. Adopt extensive lighting, the light should shine on the whole desktop;

2. Uniform lighting shall be adopted, and the lighting intensity of each part shall be consistent;

3. Keep stable lighting, light source shall not be dark, bright or flickering;

4. Maintain adequate lighting;

5. Finally, do not let the light direct to the eyes.

high quality

High quality light source is the basis of green lighting. High quality light source should have the following three characteristics.

First, there should be no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectral composition. Long term too much UV, not only easy to cause keratitis, but also on the lens, retina, choroid and other damage. The infrared ray is easily absorbed by water. Too much infrared ray is absorbed when it gathers through the lens of human eye. As time goes by, the crystal will change and lead to cataract.

Second, the color temperature of light should be close to the natural light. People live in natural light for a long time. Human eye has strong adaptability to natural light and good visual effect.

Third, the light is non frequency flash. The power supply frequency of the common fluorescent lamp is 50Hz, which means that the light is on and off 100 times per second, which belongs to the low-frequency frequency flash. It will make the regulating organ of the human eye in a tense regulating state, resulting in visual fatigue. If the frequency of light-emitting rises to hundreds or tens of thousands of Hertz or above - becoming a high frequency, the human eye will not have stroboscopic feeling; but the real non stroboscopic light is the light emitted by DC power supply or semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices (such as LED), which is called non stroboscopic light.

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