Introduction To Table Lamp Function

Introduction To Table Lamp Function

Date:Mar 09, 2019

Table lamp, according to the use of functional classification is: Reading table lamp, decorative table lamp, accompanying table lamp, portable desk lamp.

Reading table lamp, light body shape is simple and light, refers to the desk lamp specially used to read and write, this kind of lamp can generally adjust the height of the lamp pole, the direction and brightness of the light, mainly lighting reading function.

Decorative table lamp appearance luxurious, variety of materials and styles, lamp body structure is complex, used to embellish space effect, decorative function and lighting function is equally important.

The bedroom lamp has gone far beyond the value of the lamp itself, the table lamp has become a rare artwork, in the light decoration re-decoration concept, the decorative function of the table lamp is even more obvious. Table lamps are in addition to reading and decorating.

The latest technology is also like a robot, can move, can dance, automatically dimming, playing music, clocks, videos,

Touch and other functions, especially ceramic technology of the table lamp also has the value of collection. What role does lighting play in home life? In the night, the light is the elf, is the warm atmosphere of the construction of experts. Through the level of light and shadow, so that space more vitality, during the day, lamps into the decorative art of the bedroom, it and furniture, cloth art, decorations together dotted with life.

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