Intrinsic Characteristics Of Leds

Intrinsic Characteristics Of Leds

Date:Oct 10, 2019

The intrinsic characteristics of LED determine that it is the most ideal light source to replace the traditional light source, and it has a wide range of USES. Compared to traditional bulbs, leds have the advantage of:

· light up with no delay and faster response time, compared to the 0.3 second delay of traditional glass bulb to prevent rear-end collision

· stronger seismic performance

· high luminescence purity, no need for lamp shade filter, and the optical wavelength error is within 10 nanometers

· the luminous heat is very small, and the heat resistance of the lamp material is not very high

· beam concentration, easier to control, and no need to use reflector to focus light, which is conducive to reducing the depth of lamps

· low power consumption, when reaching the same luminous brightness as traditional light bulbs, the power consumption is only 6% of that of traditional light bulbs, saving electricity and fuel

· long life, no filament structure, no heat, normal use over 6 years

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