Charging Table Lamp Maintenance

Charging Table Lamp Maintenance

Date:Mar 06, 2019

Home Appliance LED Charging table lamp How to maintain? Many users do not notice, some users just like to charge the LED table lamp running out of power and then until it is to be used to recharge.

LED Charging Table Lamp light source General Service life is relatively long, if not excess voltage or because of short circuit, generally will not burn. If you need to replace the light source (light tube), be sure to refer to the LED charging table lamp specified parameters for assembly, and do not change the structure. LED charging table lamp around can not moisture, and dust impurities, if found in time to clean up.

In the use of LED lamps as far as possible not to switch repeatedly, which will greatly shorten the service life of LED lighting. LED Charging table Lamp battery protection is good, if you need to replace please select a qualified product. In the LED charging table lamp power is running out before charging, can not use the power, and then recharge, please stay in the small amount of electricity recharge. If not used for a long time, can be recharged a period of time, in the storage of the ground must not be placed in a damp situation.

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