LED Plant Landscape Lamps

LED Plant Landscape Lamps

LED Plant landscape lamps

LED Plant landscape lamps

Model: M22   COLOR TEMPERATURE:3000-6000K  POWER:30W 

LUX:10000LUX    AC100-240V  DC24V1.5A


1.LED light source, energy saving, long life, safety and environmental protection

2. A variety of brightness adjustments to meet the lighting needs of different plants

3. Humanized control program, no stress planting, high survival rate

4. Using high-quality raw materials, the quality is safer and more stable

5. Automatic cycle control program to realize true lazy planting

6.Supply machine,and DIY Collocation plants program.



To ensure a good ventilation environment, please place the potted plants in a ventilated place close to the window to avoid poor plant growth caused by insects or diseases.


The suitable environment for plant growth is between 10-30℃, please place the potted plants in a suitable environment for maintenance.


The equipment has certain water retention and automatic water absorption performance. It is recommended that the watering time should be before 10:00am or after 18:00, and the appropriate amount of pure water is added from the equipment inlet.


Branches and leaves can be properly trimmed to ensure that LED lighting can cover all plants. Cut off sick, yellowed, rotten branches in time to avoid infection.

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