Touch Switch CCT Desk Lamp

U12B touch switch CCT desk lamp
light color changeable temperature


U12B touch switch CCT desk lamp
Light color changeable temperature


Light illumination:250LM

Color Temperature:3000/6500K


Input voltage:DC5V1A

Battery capacity:1200mAh

Max power:3W

Production size:69*47*88mm

Color selection :Grey White Silver Rose Red

Lighting control

Llighting stage 1 Lighting stage 2 Lighting stage 3

Warm light(2700K) Cool light(6000K) nature light(5000K)

The characteristics of

Small size, less space

- simplicity and elegance

- good direction of light source, lighting as needed

- sufficient illumination to meet your lighting needs

- dc power supply, no stroboscopic, no electromagnetic radiation

- green, environmentally friendly and energy efficient

- solid light source, resistant to mechanical vibration

- special process, high light efficiency and low attenuation

- long life, dozens of times longer than the traditional light source

- easy to use, three levels of light, get up at night to use, not dazzling, soft lighting





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