Rechargeable Desk Lamp Modern

portable desk lamp with 1200mAh battery

light color changeable temperature

Light illumination:250LM

Color Temperature:3000/6500K


Input voltage:DC5V1A

battery capacity:1200mAh

Max power:3W

Production size:69*47*88mm

Color selection :Grey White  Silver Rose Red

Warm light(2700K) Cool light(6000K) nature light(5000K)

If you need to change the light source (light tube), be sure to refer to the specified parameters of the rechargeable LED lamp for assembly, and do not change the structure. The surroundings of the LED rechargeable desk lamp should not contain moisture, dust and impurities. If found, clean them up in time. When using LED lamps and lanterns as far as possible do not repeatedly switch, this will greatly shorten the service life of LED lighting.

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