The best color temperature of led desk lamp

Date:Jul 17, 2020

what's the best color temperature of LED desk lamp

First,what is the  color temperature?

--Color temperature is the most common indicator of the spectral quality of a light source. Generally expressed by Tc. The color temperature is defined by the absolute black body. When the radiation of the light source is exactly the same as the radiation of the absolute black body in the visible region, the temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source. The characteristic of low color temperature light sources is that there is relatively more red radiation in the energy distribution, usually called "warm light"; after the color temperature is increased, the proportion of blue radiation in the energy distribution increases, usually called "cold light". The color temperature of some common light sources is: standard candlelight is 1930K (Kelvin temperature unit); tungsten filament lamp is 2760-2900K; fluorescent lamp is 3000K; flash lamp is 3800K; noon sunlight is 5600K; electronic flash lamp is 6000K; blue sky is 12000-18000K.

---The color temperature (in k) determines the color tendency of the light. The smaller the value, the more warm the yellow light, and the larger the value, the colder the light.

---Different color temperature and temperature represent different visible light such as "candlelight" in life, "noon daylight", "overcast daylight", etc.

Finally: If the color temperature is too high, the light source emitted is very bright and white. For our eyes, it is recommended to choose 4000K, 4500K, 5000K, which is relatively yellow and soft!

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