Study Lighting

Date:Apr 02, 2019

Reading requires a relatively high degree of illumination, and the amount of correction depends on the age of the reader.

Generally speaking, the minimum illumination on a visual job (that is, books, magazines, etc.) is 400lux. Bright white Halogen Lighting is the right choice for detailed work or hobbies such as sewing and carpentry, which can reduce eye fatigue. Wrong lighting can make people feel tired in front of a computer screen for a long time. To ensure that there is enough overhead illumination to illuminate the keyboard area, avoid glare and screen reflection. The table lamp should leave the screen at an angle to avoid fatigue reflex. In order to create brighter light in a special area of the room, for example, in order to read, try to use halogen bulbs with shading while not damaging the atmosphere of the room, it will provide direct light where you need it. Halogen lamps are suitable for conventional lamp fittings and glow the same as halogen lamps.

So you don't have to buy special accessories to enjoy the benefits of halogen lamp lighting. Traditional floor lights or standard lights are simple and excellent. It provides plenty of upward light (ambient lighting) and allows for comfortable and meticulous reading.

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