Introduction to Lamps

Date:Jan 01, 2019

After entering the modern times, the human light appeared, Before the advent of electric lights, the lighting tools commonly used were kerosene lamps or gas lamps. This lamp because of burning kerosene or gas, so there is a strong black smoke and pungent stench, and to often add fuel, scrub the lampshade, so it is very inconvenient. More seriously, this kind of lamp is very easy to cause fire, causing disaster.

For many years, many scientists have done everything they can to invent an electric light that is both safe and convenient. In early 19th century, a British chemist made the world's first arc lamps with 2000 batteries and two carbon rods. But the light is too strong to be installed on streets or squares and is not available to ordinary families.

Countless scientists have racked their brains to create a cheap, durable household lamp. The day has finally arrived. On the October 21, 1879, an American inventor finally ignited the world's first practical electric light through a long trial and error. From then on, the inventor's name, like the electric light he invented, went into thousands of families. He was Edison, who was praised by posterity as the "King of Invention."

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