Introduction to energy-saving lamps

Date:Mar 03, 2019

Energy-saving lamp is actually a compact, self-containing ballast fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp ignition first through the electronic ballast to the lamp filament heating, filament beginning to emit electrons (due to the filament coated with some electronic powder), electronic collision filled with argon atoms in the lamp tube, argon atom collision to obtain energy and impact on the internal Mercury atom,Mercury atoms jump to produce ionization after absorbing energy, and the lamp tube forms a plasma state. Lamp at both ends of the voltage directly through the plasma guide and emit 253.7nm of ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light aroused phosphor luminescence, because fluorescent lamps work when the temperature of the filament is about 1160K, than the incandescent lamp working temperature 2200K-2700K much lower, so its life is also greatly improved, reaching more than 5,000 hours , Because it uses more efficient electronic ballast, and there is no current thermal effect such as incandescent lamps, phosphor energy conversion efficiency is high, reaching more than 50 lumens per watt, so save electricity.

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