How to design the LED desk lamp to make the lighting area more reasonable?

Date:Aug 01, 2020

Why are we used to driving on the right side? What is the use of the small pocket inside the jeans pocket? People tend to ignore familiar things around them, like desk lamps that are turned on and off on the table, and few people pay attention. But if you pay more attention, it seems that most of the area illuminated by the lamp is circular.

Why is it round? From the candle kerosene lamp to the later bulb lamp, the light of the table lamp diverged from a point light source to form a circular outline. People often buckle the lampshade on the table lamp, so that most of the light emitted by the table lamp is Round.

Must the common ones be correct? But must a round shape be reasonable? Recall, are you accustomed to placing the frequently used things on both sides of your left and right hands on the desktop? Whether it's books or piles of documents, we subconsciously spread them to the left and right. According to research conducted by Purdue University in the United States, the range of desktops that people commonly use in their daily work actually extends horizontally.

Under common circular lighting, the parts on both sides of the working area are usually difficult to be illuminated. Working and studying under such lighting conditions, the eyes can only alternate between light and dark, which inevitably causes eye fatigue and glare hazards.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the entire study and work area is sufficiently light. What the desk lamp really needs to illuminate should be the lateral area extending to both sides. Perhaps only a circular shape is not enough. To solve the problem, widening the lighting range of the desk lamp is the key. Oval shape may be better!

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