Energy Saving Tips

Date:Jan 09, 2019

Choose Energy-saving lamp: fluorescent lamp than incandescent lamp power saving. The brightness of the 20-watt fluorescent lamp is even over 40 watts of incandescent lamps (the better environmentally friendly energy-saving products LED fluorescent lamps 2 watts can replace 40 watts of incandescent lamps.

4 Watts can completely replace 20 watts of ordinary fluorescent lamps and 20 watts of ordinary energy-saving lamps). Make the most of reflection and reflection: If the lamp is fitted with a suitable reflector, the illumination can be improved.

The use of indoor wall reflective plus white wall can also improve the illumination of about 20%.

Always keep the light bulb and lampshade clean to ensure the highest illumination and light reflection effect. The installation height should be appropriate. Such as 20 watts of fluorescent lamps, if 1 meters high, the illumination is 60 lux, 0.8 meters high is 93.75 lux. A highly appropriate are low can reduce wattage and save electricity. (Only LEDS have department merchants can do if the installation of 2 meters high, illumination is about 200 lux, 3 meters high about 96200 Lux) Heart said that the use of LED lighting products to save energy lighting is often useful.

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