Energy-saving Lamps

Date:Mar 01, 2019

Energy-saving lamps, also known as saving light bulbs, electronic bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps and all-in-one fluorescent lamps, refer to the combination of fluorescent lamps and ballasts (stabilizers) into a whole lighting equipment. 2008 the state launched the "Green Lighting" project, urban and rural residents and enterprises to use the winning enterprises energy-saving lamps to enjoy a certain proportion of subsidies. The popularization of energy-saving lamps is of great significance, however, the harm of waste energy-saving lamps to the environment has also aroused concern. By the end of October 2012, energy-saving promotion projects have hundreds of millions of energy-saving lamps scrapped, each can pollute 180 tons of water and five or six acres of soil, waste energy-saving lamps treatment and recycling issues cause concern. Nevertheless, the demand for energy-saving lamps is still growing, especially in the coming 2015, and demand is still increasing.

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